Tweet Milena HaritoOne of the speakers at the Final Conference, Ms. Milena Harito, Albanian Minister of Innovation and Public Administration, about the ConSus project on Twitter:

"With the students of University of Durres 'A.Moisiu' for the successful regional project on innovation and sustainability"

As we have been informed by Dr. Belina Bedini, lecturer at the Aleksandër Moisiu University of Durrës, since 2013, the UAMD is included as a partner institution for the Tempus Project “Connecting Science Society for Sustainable Innovation”. This project is financed by the European Commission and the consortium is composed by the University of Graz, that is the grand holder and coordinator, University of Limerick, University of Luneburg, BOKU University of Vienna and some other universities in Albania and Kosovo.

The main aim of this project is the connection and the collaboration between the higher education institutions, civil society, regional institutions and businesses to promote the sustainable innovation The project will realize such aim through two columns.

The first column is about establishing a network of science – society composed by universities and stakeholders.

The second column is connected with the innovation at the level of teaching and learning. The teaching process in the auditors with be integrated with some practical elements like projects, critical thinking, brainstorming ect., in order to make the students to be more involved with the sustainable development issues.  . In the framework of this project a team of lecturers of the Aleksandër Moisiu University have worked to develop some new materials and methodologies that involve different stakeholders. The students will be active in gathering facts and data, elaborating projects, solving problems for different stakeholders.

As Dr. Belina Bedini explained during the workshop, the door is open for all the stakeholders that would like to be part of the network. In such network there is not a hierarchy. Every member is part of the network because has the willingness to be part of it and in the same time would like to benefit from it.

The Chamber of Commerce that has continuously requested the collaboration with the university, would like to highlight the idea that maybe in the coming future we can establish a trilateral forum between the Municipality of Durrës, Chamber of Commerce and the Aleksandër Moisiu University of Durrës.

foto7With the social and economic changes in Albania, the education has also evolved, imposing new development dynamics. To convey knowledge, it is not sufficient to be only knowledgeable in the respective field, but also to be equipped with pedagogical activities. Understanding requires a process of empathy, identification and projection. Therefore, it is ever more important to support modern teaching methodologies, where students are at the center of the learning process. For three days, the younger lecturers at the European University of Tirana have participated in a training with five basic modules that aimed at developing didactic techniques. The Head of Education Department, Dr. Tomo Treska, explained that the training called “Training on Teaching” has been an objective of UET for all the recently employed lecturers. Since in the past 12 months around 50 assistant lectures have been employed, the training has been seen as a great opportunity for them to become familiar with different methodologies of teaching. Teaching Methods developed as part of CONSUS Project have been at the center of this training, therefore, trainees were very enthusiast to learn about new and innovative ways of conduction a teaching session.

For more details please see the following article:

foto6From May 11 th -13 th , 2016 the 5 th ConSus Management Meeting was held at the Universum College in Prishtina. It was the penultimate meeting of all project partners and was therefore of great importance for the finalization of the ConSus project. It will be finished in November this year. Beside of the general reflection so far and administrational topics, the dissemination of outcomes, activities, etc., the evaluation of the work packages and the sustainability plan were presented and discussed. An important event was the establishment of the ConSus network – all ConSus partners signed the memorandum of understanding and are thus members of the network’s steering committee. The first activity of this committee was the election of the chair and the secretariat. We congratulate Uran Rraci, Universum College to his commitment of being the chair of the ConSus network in thefollowing two years.

foto5A CONSUS Teaching Resources Workshop was organized on 27 of April 2016 at Polis University with participants from Polis University, European University of Tirana, Agriculture University of Tirana, participants from NGO and students.  The presentation had a particular focus on the effective dissemination of the teaching resource platform; the use of developed teaching resources and; the increase of the science-society network with stakeholders who are interested and/or engaged in sustainability and science-society collaborations. The workshop was opened by Prof. Dr. Vezir Muharremaj, dean of Faculty for Research and Development, Polis University. Mr Muharremaj based on his long experience in teaching gave an accurate reflection of the need of using new teaching methods and the importance of cooperation between the science and society, as an important way of sharing experiences. Mrs. Dorina Papa, intervention was very interesting and the participants were informed that Polis University, has taken the commitment in the new academic year, to integrate teaching programs with CONSUS methods.

After Mrs. Egla Luca and Laura Pedata shared their experience with CONSUS Project and also both of lecturers, explained in detail their teaching resources.

In the framework of one of the main goals of CONSUS, Cooperation between science and society, the intervention of Mr. Silvi Jano form Co-Plan NGO was not only very interesting, but very practical and he gave examples of cooperation science-society-students.

Students also shared their opinion and gave assurance that CONSUS teaching methods used by their lecturers, were more useful and interesting in learning of teaching materials.

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